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Introducing the Elite Non-QM Program

Exclusive Non-QM VIP Program

We are thrilled to introduce our Non-QM VIP 2024 Campaign, the exclusive Elite Non-QM Program at JET Advantage Mortgage

This program is designed to reward brokers like you for outstanding sales performance and quality submissions.

Program Details

The Elite ONE Program awards brokers monthly for their performance and quality submissions (as measured by pull-through rates). The program is structured on tiers of performance where your pricing improvement improves with volume and pull-through. Tiers include:
TierNon-QM Monthly Funded VolumeMinimum Non-QM Monthly 90-day Pull ThroughNon-QM Price Improvement (following month)
Tier 1Minimum $5.0M<50% (must exceed 40%)0.125
Tier 2Minimum $5.0M>50% (must exceed 40%)0.25
Tier 3Minimum $7.5M>50% (must exceed 40%)0.375
Tier 4Minimum $10.0M>50% (must exceed 40%)0.5

Qualifications, Terms, and Conditions:

  • Both minimum requirements must be met the previous month to be eligible for the corresponding tier.
  • If the minimum monthly volume is met but the minimum pull-through rate is not, the broker will drop one tier.
    • Example: If a broker funds $8.2M with a 42% pull-through rate, they are eligible for Tier 2.
  • The price improvement will go into effect on the first of the following month for new locks that month.
    • Example: If a broker funds $6.0M at a 51% pull-through rate in June, Tier 2 pricing will take effect in July.
  • Brokers must qualify independently with each DBA; there are no aggregated totals.
  • Pricing improvements can be combined with our specials.
  • Brokers with less than a 40% Non-QM pull-through rate are not eligible.
  • This program is for Non-QM 1st Trust Deed products only.
  • Brokers must qualify independently at each DBA to continue in the program each month.
  • OCMBC, Inc. reserves the right to change the rules or end the campaign at any time at its sole discretion.
  • The campaign ends on December 31, 2024, with the last month to qualify being November 2024.
  • This is a price improvement campaign, and there is no promise of service agreements – please refer to turn times for clients.
We are confident that the Elite Non-QM Program will provide you with the tools and incentives to elevate your business to new heights. Should you have any questions or need further details, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contact your Account Executive for more details.

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