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When you call us, if you are placed on hold you can:

PRESS ‘9’ and enter your number, you will be called back without losing your place in line.


PRESS ‘#’ to leave a message, and we’ll call you back.

New and Current Customers!

Welcome to our new JET Advantage Mortgage Customers

To access and set up your account use the following information:

  • USER ID: Please have your Loan Number ready.
  • Password: Use the Last Four Digits of your SSN

Payment Mailing Address:


P.O. Box 103750

Pasadena, CA 91189-3750


Overnight Payment Mailing Address:

JPMorgan Chase

Attn: OCMBC, Inc. Payment lockbox & 103750

2710 Media Center Dr. Building #6, Suite #120

Los Angeles, CA 90065

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find Your Loan Account Number:


On your Mortgage Loan Statement from OCMBC it is located in the TOP Right Corner and on the payment coupon. 

Refer to the image below. 

Customer Portal

When does my loan transfer?

JET Advantage Mortgage does not have the authority to relieve you of your mortgage payment obligations. JET Advantage Mortgage will service your mortgage for an interim period only, generally for thirty (30) days, then transfer your loan to a long-term Servicing Investor (i.e.: Wells Fargo, Chase Bank). The Servicing Investor owns the beneficial and long-term servicing rights in your mortgage and has the authority to assist you with any deferred mortgage payment requests. JET Advantage Mortgage is unable to transfer a borrower with delinquent payments to a Servicing Investor. Not making your mortgage payment will prohibit you from being transferred to a Servicing Investor who may have workout options.

What resources and links are available?

While this is not a comprehensive list, it is a great start for referencing the information:

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